I was late
Lost in words
Now the sky starts to ready for the sunset

I hurried up
Down the streets
Just a mile was my way
That i had to beat

And I looked
Yeah I looked
Through the door from that store with a wall clock

And i thought
You had Time
And i thought you had time
But you had Not

I saw the Lady in blue
She’s got her duty to do
I remembered my car
And it wasn’t so far

And she was smiling at me
While she was writing my fee
Now my day is a mess
Because you’re worthless

cause you're wasted


I came home
Searched a Lift
Out of control just one way to the place I live

I need to eat
And raise my speed
200 stairs were the way
That I had to beat

I saw the milk in the fridge
But you know, life is a bitch,
A really risky process,
But I couldn’t care less

I mixed it up in a dish
There was that taste of a fish
Now my day is a mess
And you’re worthless

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